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Size: One Size

Color: Copper

Hand hammered copper articles have been treasured in Turkey for centuries. Local artisans have been hammering away their ornate Ottoman designs and reflecting their art on these bowls. 

Their various uses range from bath bowls, wash basin, decorative bin or basket and many many more uses that is only limited by your imagination. 

Any room, foyer or even office will be adorned by this exquisite pure Copper Urn made by local artisans in Turkey.

Weight: Approx. 4 lbs. 



Note: Not for food use. Bath and decorative purposes only.

100% Copper, hand hammered in Turkey


FOR CONSUMER (NON-COMMERCIAL, for commerical cleaning instructions, please send us an e-mail)

Soap or mild dish detergent with warm water , rinse and dry immediately with a towel to avoid water marks.

Please note that the copper urn has been finished with a coat of lacquer to protect the urn from exposure to air and moisture. Copper will patina ( acquire the antique look) in time. If you would like to help keep the original appearance, you may want to apply a thin coat of olive oil outside of the urn and let it sit for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight. Be sure polish with a soft, lint free towel or cloth. This will help you restore the urn's original beauty.
As it is the nature of the metal, It is VERY normal for the copper to have slight discoloration (from oxidization) or marks that will disappear with the cleaning described above. Please don't be concerned as it is a standard part of the copper's life, called the "Patina".