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Size: 40X80

Color: Black

Luxury Bath Sheet-670 GSM WEIGHT

Thirsty®Towels is the original manufacturer of this colossal size bath sheet. It all started with one gentlemen approaching our dad as he was in a meeting, in NC, with the Army commissary stores in 2000, promoting our products. This gentleman was at the end of his wit telling our father that he can't find an ample size bath sheet to his liking that he was comfortable with and asked him if he could do anything about it since dad was there promoting our towels. Well, dad took this to heart and asked our plant to start working on several different sizes and weight options and collaborated with the gentleman until they got it right and were both satisfied. Alas, our 40x80 Bath Sheet was born and have been a customer favorite ever since. Of course, we couldn't necessarily obtain a trademark on the size of a towel so copycats followed soon after, down to our signature picture depicting the size with three models holding it to demonstrate the size. Suffice it to say, if the brand doesn't say Thirsty®Towels or Pamooq® then it's NOT an original Thirsty® Towel.

24 oz. per sq. yd. Plush, Thick and Thirsty Turkish Bath Sheet. Featuring 1/4 inch loop length and 10 inches more length*.

Our genuine Turkish Cotton Towel gets only better with every wash as the thick terry loops bloom and absorb every drop of water on your body.  This bath sheet will give you twice the wrap around you need.

Available colors: White, Natural, Coral, Bodrum Blue, Seafoam Green, Wine, Black, Smoke  and Navy Blue. 

*compared with major competitor's size of 39"x70"

Weighs approximately 3+ lb each.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash, gentle cycle, warm or cold water with mild detergent, Tumble dry low to medium heat. Please do not use fabric softener as it hinders absorbency. Non-chlorinated bleach only, when needed. Wash dark colors separately.

Made in Turkey with love and care & 100% premium, hand grown Turkish cotton.

Laundry tips from our family:

To keep the towels fresh and help with the lint, we recommend soaking your new towels in a cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of detergent and 2-3 gallons of warm water. This will help dissolve oils or treatments in the fabric that may hinder absorbency.