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About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. Hopefully, you have already found the robe or towel you were looking for.. if not, let us know what we missed. We appreciate receiving feedback from our customers. We are a family that is involved in all aspects of our business starting with manufacturing, importing the goods, warehousing here in the U.S., taking the calls, answering e-mails, gift-wrapping, and finally shipping the goods to you, our customer. Yes, we are personally and physically involved in every aspect of our business. We are able to answer any and all questions about the products we offer because we are there when it is made we are there when it arrives at our warehouse. We personally break the seal of the container that arrives from the factory in Turkey and inspect all goods once more before they are shipped to you. Quiet often, you will hear one of us answer the phone because we love being involved with the business. When we recommend a robe to you (or not), we do so with knowledge and insight, as we all wear them in our homes, use the towels around our house and pools, and know exactly what to expect from different styles, fabrics, and weights. We will never just sell you a robe for the sake of selling...we ask you if you would like to use it for lounging around your house or it is for drying only and then slipping into something more comfortable. Is it a gift or is it for yourself? If a gift, we gently guide you around the treacherous waters of "finding THE Gift".

We would like to share with you how we conduct business, which we believe you have a right to know where your hard-earned money goes and whom it supports. Please read on:

We all hear about the cheap imports from certain parts of the world that use unfair labor practices such as child labor and prison labor up to 18 hours a day in inhumane conditions. Unfortunately, cruelty and cheating doesn't stop there. In order to provide cheaper products, manufacturers also use fiber, yarn and accessories that have been processed in harmful chemicals or chemical by-products. Of course, companies that order and purchase these goods are supporting these practices by not ensuring the plants are certified, inspected for fair labor practices, humane working conditions and safe materials. Why? because these things come at a cost and big companies will stop an nothing to make sure the cost of products are at lowest possible and leave room for unimaginable profit margins.

If thousands of toys, furniture etc, are recalled every year, that have supposedly been tested, who is to say the clothing you purchase doesn't pose the same threat? Unfortunately none of us have this guarantee unless it is backed by internationally accepted standards and certifications. Here is what we are all about:

For manufacturing, we believe in fair trade practices and fairness that is vertically integrated throughout our business . We start by making sure no child labor is used. In the factory, our workers are paid based on their qualifications. Our employees are provided with complimentary shuttles that take them to the manufacturing plant from their homes and back. They work 8 hours a day and have the opportunity to work overtime with proper compensation and they enjoy a company provided lunch and/or dinner depending on their shift, as well as coffee breaks with complimentary refreshments. Our female workers enjoy the benefits of having a three month fully paid maternity leave. Even after they return to work, they may take paid time off of up to two hours a day for breastfeeding. They also enjoy paid vacation every year between 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on their seniority. Our plant is ISO certified and inspected every year to make sure it is in compliance with international standards.

The materials used while making the robes and towels we sell are also have the backing of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to ensure that every material that is used during the production is tested for harmful substances.

The textile industry, recognizing their responsibility and impact from their production, is working to design products free from harmful substances. They are adopting recognized environmentally friendly working practices to produce safer products. The Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100, developed by a group of European textile institutes, is a global testing and accreditation program for the screening of harmful substances in consumer textiles. Manufacturers whose products meet the requirements set by the standard are licensed to use the registered Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label on their products. Since its inception in 1992, Oeko-Tex has come to be recognized as the leader in eco-labeling, with over 51,000 certificates issued to more than 6,500 manufacturers and over 1 million licensed products.

Products with the Oeko-Tex guarantee are tested and guaranteed to be free of all harmful substances, including toxins and irritants. All products* throughout our website are manufactured with Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 so you can be sure that the robes and towels you purchase from us are as safe, natural, and healthy as possible.

No company, person or entity may sell/distribute or profit from products of Thirsty Towels products without written permission/authorization of Thirsty Towels and it's brands.

*Copper Hamam Bowls and Olive Oil soaps do not fall under this certification because they are not textile.

Charity is a part of our family and business life and we wanted to introduce you to select causes we support. We would appreciate if you visit our Charity page and help support our efforts.  Thank you in advance for caring.