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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dear Customer,

For each and every product we have, individual product pages explain the items in great detail so well that the FAQ page, we feel, should also be about other information we would like to convey to you. We will still provide some general information about the robes and towels below. If you do have specific questions about Monogramming, Sizing, Shipping, Return Policy please refer to the appropriate pages where the relevant information is covered in detail. If you still do have questions about the products please do not hesitate to call or email us regarding your specific question/comment.

Below are important things we would like to point out which we have learned over the course of many years of being in your service. Please take a moment to read.

Gift Certificates: Please be advised that Gift Certifcates are NON-REFUNDABLE. Products purchased with Gift Certificates may be exchanged/returned for store credit as long as they comply with our Return Policy.

Cancelling an order: As a price of doing business with Credit Cards, we are charged a percentage and a flat fee on each transaction. Bank does charge us this fee once when the order is placed, and again if the orderis credited and or refunded. Even if the order is cancelled within minutes of being placed, we are charged both fees. Please be advised that If an order is cancelled, a 5% fee will be withheld. This is also expalined in our Return Policy.

The weight issue: These days most of us use a search engine on the Internet to find out what makes a product, a quality product. In case of bathrobes or robes many times the answer will be something like “…nothing less than 22 ounces per square yard, nothing less than 24 ounces per square yard…” and so on. While this information is valuable and actually corresponds to the volume of cotton in any good robe it should also include *that is if you would like to wear a product that is going to weigh 5+ or 6+ pounds ! We have plenty of heavy robes- it is not that we are trying to sell you flimsy robes and many customers would like the feel of these heavier robes, but we can proudly say that, of our very low return rate, the weight of a robe is the single reason for 99% of the time. So please take a moment to ponder if this is what you or the gift recipient would like. All of our robes and towels heavy, medium or light are made of very good quality most absorbent Turkish cotton and are very well put together. WE RECOMMEND USING A HEAVY COAT HANGER TO STORE/HANG ROBES. DO NOT USE KNOBS/HOOKS!

Shedding: Some shedding of the excess fibers is normal until several washes. This is especially common with all terry towels or robes with high weight (above 12-13 oz. sq/yd). Driers with lint removers take care of this very well. We still recommend rigorous shaking of the towels several times after removal from the drier. Remember, you are purchasing a robe that weighs about 5 lbs or so. Almost a full laundry load! So some lint is very normal. It should be the same amount you see after a full load of laundry. However, if excessive shedding is still experienced after four or five washes, this may be an indication of a problem. Contacting the manufacturer is advised.

Color: We try our best to accurately describe the colors of our products and pictures on the site are taken by professional photographers to depict the actual color of the product. However, due to different monitor settings there may be slight difference in the hue and we can not be held resonsible for this. When in doubt, do not have the item personalized. You can always send the product to us later to have the monogramming done. Furthermore, please be advised that some products, even though they may be from same collection, may be from different dye lots and production dates and the the color hue and fabric may look and feel slightly be different from others. We have no way of avoiding this as this is a man made process.

Shrinkage: As you may be aware, all items that are made of Cotton fibers will result in reasonable amount of shrinkage after the few initial washes. Please adhere to the care instructions to minimize this. 5-7% shrinkage of Cotton products is well within accepted industry standards. Our generously cut robes help allow room for this usual shrinkage.

Care: On every item, the care instructions are on the back of the label. Please follow these instructions carefully. Take extra care to wash dark colors separately. It is advisable to wash towels and robes separate from the rest of the laundry.


Care around open flames, fire:
Sleepwear or Not?:

Please be advised that our robes are NOT sold as Sleepwear. NONE of our products are treated with fire retardant chemicals thus NONE are flame retardant. Polyester material can be treated with flame retardent chemicals but our Polyester Robes are not treated with these chemicals. Cotton robes can not be fire retardant by nature therefore use utmost care when around open flame, stove top, fireplace, burning candle etc. We advise you don't wear your robe/cover-up when around any type of fire.

Order placement: While placing your order please take time to make sure everything is entered correctly and completely. When you must make changes/additions to your existing order, it removes the order from the ordinary process of things and delays it very undesirably for you and for us. We are normally very fast - most cases by the time customers wonder what state their order process is in they usually are receiving their tracking emails.

Billing, shipping address: Especially during the Holidays we certainly appreciate your gift orders and at this very busy time for you and us, we would appreciate you entering your billing and shipping addresses correctly. We understand you may need to send your order to a different address and we are completely fine with it; however, we also do need you to enter your billing address correctly. When billing address entered does not match what the credit card providing bank has on file for you, even though the charge may go through, we will have to contact you to obtain correct billing information. Many times our emails are treated as spam, phone messages get deleted w/o the appropriate party listening to it and so there we are sometimes for weeks trying to obtain the correct billing information. We will not ship the order until we get the correct information. We have also stopped many fraudulent orders from taking place this way and have been contacted by some very appreciative future customers. So please humor us and enter the correct information and we promise we will still ship it to the correct address. Our UPS system actually draws your ship to address from your original shipping address entry so it is not even up to us to ship it to the billing address by mistake, and in case of a mishap we will find a way to make up for it.

Web Site Security: You can be sure of our entire site being very secure by observing two things. Entire website operates under the path of https:// (s for secured site), and not the usual http:// leader. Also, the bar below includes a closed padlock sign. Thank you.

Tracking Orders: This has been nicely simplified for all of us recently. Please open our web site, click on Order Tracking and enter or copy/paste your order number (yes, it is long) and click on Submit Query. If you do see “Under Review” please call us, that means we have been trying to get in touch with you!

Again, please call or email with any questions or concerns that are not addressed here. If it is frequently asked we will include it here - Thank you for your interest in our products!