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Size: 12x12

Color: White

Sold in Sets of 6

In search of the perfect towel? This is our answer to our customers who asked us to provide them with the towel that no luxury department store or specialty store could. It has been specially woven using zero-twist technology to allow air and water molecules to be incorporated in to the individual terry loops to result in the plushest, most absorbent and softest towel one could ever use. Here it is; the unbelievable 24 oz. per sq. yd. plush, thick and thirsty? Turkish Towel which translates to a lofty 700 gram weight. Our genuine Turkish Towels get only better with every wash as the thick terry loops bloom and absorb every drop of water on your body.

Exclusively by ourThirsty™ Towels brand.

Available in White, Natural (No-Dye), Shore, Azure, Pewter, Iron, Celery, Moss, Peony, Wine, Navy Blue and Turkish Coffee. Cream is discontinued and is on sale.

Please note that some color hues may not be a perfect match to another size in the same color hue due to different manufacturing times and/or different dye lots. If you are trying to create your own set, using same colors, and concerned about this, please order from our Sets.